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Workplace Investigations

Some of our specialized services include:

  • Bar Evaluations “Bar Spotters” we use customized reports and evaluate facility, customer service, cash handling, food/beverage quality, security, etc.
  • Integrity Testing we conduct spot checks of employees conduct, record beverages dispensed and compare to what was rung in at point of sale system
  • Liquor Inventory Spot Checks of cash registers and liquor inventory
  • Hotel Audits we develop customized reports and evaluate facility, reservations, room service, amenities, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.
  • Employee Screening background checks, criminal record checks, lie detection and alcohol/drug testing
  • Internal Investigations conduct employee theft, workplace injury claims, employee misconduct, and harassment allegations in the workplace - Sting will send an Operative in to find out what is really going on
  • Security & Safety Risk Assessments complete reviews of facility, access control system, surveillance system, lighting, demographics, and more.
  • Customer Service Training understanding job role and responsibilities, learn basic skills to improve customer service, handle difficult customers, communication between managers, bartenders, and security personnel
  • Professional Doorperson Training is a specialized hospitality program for the industry it includes Basic Security Training (BST) , Advanced Security Training (AST), Use of Force Training, Customer Service, Documentation, and how to avoid criminal and civil liability in the workplace

Undercover Operations for Corporate Internal Theft and Loss Prevention

An undercover operation is a lawful technique in which an operative assumes a covert identity to gain the confidence of a subject, and thereby gather specific evidence or information pertinent to the case at hand. Undercover operations are used in the investigation of economic crime, theft fraud, corporate espionage and other issues dealing with corporate and personal integrity.

The Sting team of professionals is composed of individuals with various different businesses, ethnic, social and geographic backgrounds. Their extensive field training provides the necessary knowledge to work in many industries and occupations. Due to the sensitive nature of these assignments, details and methodology for specific operations will be discussed privately with the client on a per-case basis.

Integrity Checks

At Sting, our staff is trained in performing security audits and personnel checks. This could be as simple as posing as a mystery shopper, or as complex as an undercover agent infiltrating and monitoring overall management security issues.

Our highly trained staff can analytically determine where weaknesses exist — whether in security systems, operating procedure or personnel — and bring them to light before they can be exploited. As part of our risk analysis, integrity checks and reviews, we will make recommendations and suggestions to bridge gaps that may exist, secure the interests of our client and keep staff and employees safe.

Sting Investigations Inc. is a division of Sting Executive Group International (SEGI). We utilize sophisticated investigative techniques that combine state-of-the-art equipment with proven hands-on methods. If you have any questions or are interested in any of the services Sting has to offer, please feel free to contact us at @ 1.877.717.8464 or email us at info @

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