Video Surveillance

Retail stores worldwide face series problems with shoplifting and employee theft. There are over 5,000 individuals being apprehended for shoplifting every day, which results in billions of loss each year to "inventory shrinkage". Retail store staff continually confronts a range of the shrinkages and risks, as do all retail stores nowadays. These include shoplifting, internal fraud perpetrated by members of staff, robberies, credit card fraud and an increasing situation of violence and intimidation verbally and physically threatening them.

To cope with these incidents and decrease the cost of security officers patrolling the store, retailers may adopt high-quality but cost-effective IP surveillance system. Network cameras can be installed in parking areas, loading areas, public squares, counter for point-of-sale transaction, and the main entrance, as well as a video receiver installed at the owners home so that they can use their TV monitor as a computer monitor for remote monitoring. In addition, to deter the internal fraud losses, some higher value products normally kept in secure places and accessed only by staff can be monitored all day long to avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings between employers and employees.

The very cost-effective network camera is designed for the retail store application featuring 3GPP-compatibility, superior image quality, and optimized bandwidth efficiency by MPEG-4 implementation without high investment. The store supervisors can easily access each of them and receive synchronized video and audio by computers or 3G cell phones anytime, anywhere for retail management and mobile surveillance. Meanwhile, the video receiver can quickly help you convert networked digital videos into analog signals and output them to existing analog systems like general television sets.

After the deployment over time, retailers became so happy with the result that not only does the IP surveillance effectively deter robbery and theft, but also provides police with the evidence needed to help capture culprits and prosecute them successfully. Realizing that combining the high quality video evidence from network cameras with actual sales transaction information, the suspects can easily arrested. Retailers are so impressed with the overall performance and the outcomes the IP surveillance brings. It is definitely worthy of investment for all retail stores to reduce losses, enhance the effectiveness of in-store procedures, store and display presentations, and point-of-sale operations.

Benefits of IP/Network Surveillance

  • Centralized Management IP/Networked surveillance allows monitoring to take place virtually anywhere, enabling extreme centralization of monitoring staffs.
  • Real-time Information IP videos can perform motion detection, event triggers, and alert automation, which make security management more efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective.
  • POS Analytics Point of Sale transactions can be converted to text overlay so that every transaction performed at that terminal appears on the monitor this makes surveillance management of employees more efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective.
  • Cost-saving Solutions Installation and maintenance of the digital surveillance systems has been proven to be more cost-effective than the analog systems since network infrastructure to date is well deployed.
  • Remote Accessibility & Mobile Surveillance By simple connection to a 3G cellular phone or WiFi networked PDA, the IP surveillance system becomes a mobile surveillance system that can be controlled in your hands.
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