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Hospitality Compliance Investigations


At Sting Investigations, Inc., we take Hospitality to an entire new level. Sting has ways of improving your business with an investigative point of view, often revealing issues hidden from Management. We have a variety of services dedicated to Hospitality including complete Compliance Audits to make sure that your staff are following the liquor laws. Our reporting is top of the line and customized to fit your needs. From pre-screening your future employees with background checks to integrity testing your current staff with POS analytics and surveillance.


Liquor Establishments

Whether you run a liquor store or nightclub all employees must have a good understanding of their job role and responsibilities from both a customer service and legal standpoint (criminal and civil liability) to ensure the overall success of your business. A poor customer experience, serving of an intoxicated patron, excessive use of force claim, and/or theft of cash (or liquid assets) can have a devastating impact on the business's bottom line.

With the latest release of the British Columbia’s Liquor Line showing the Minors as Agents Program (MAP) updates, now is the perfect time to make sure that your staff is following the Liquor Control and Licensing Rules and prevent a $7,500 fine. A valuable tool for making sure your staff is following the rules as well as providing good customer service; for as low as $75 a month, you can have Compliance Checks done at your establishment – before the Liquor Board’s Minors as Agents Program finds out for you.


  • Customized "Alcohol Compliance Checks" for your Liquor Retail Stores (LRS), checking ID's, serving of intoxicated patrons, problem resolution, customer service, facility, operations, cash handling, promotions, etc.

  • Bar/Lounge Evaluations our "Bar Spotters" use customized reports, evaluate customer service, cash handling, food/beverage quality, facility, security, etc.

  • Integrity Testing our investigators identify integrity issues (theft, non-compliance, etc.), test and observe staff, cash handling, customer service, employees conduct, record beverages dispensed and compare to what was rung in at point of sale system. 

  • Hotel Audits we develop customized reports and evaluate customer service, problem resolution, facility, reservations, room service, amenities, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.

  • Liquor Inventory Spot Checks of cash registers and liquor inventory

  • Internal Investigations conduct employee theft, workplace injury claims, employee misconduct, and harassment allegations in the workplace




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