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Integrity Testing

Have confidence in your team - know you can trust the staff that you've hired.
Integrity testing, compliance testing, pre-employment screening, employee assessments, credibility testing and employment testing are all synonyms for the analyses used in detecting employee concealment. These tests are supplemental to background checks and can also be administered after candidates have started to work. Industrial espionage is one of the most important security issues in the business world today and regular integrity testing can assist in the reduction of negligent hiring liability.
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At Sting, our staff is trained in performing security audits, integrity tests and personnel checks. This could be as simple as posing as a mystery shopper, or as complex as an undercover agent infiltrating and monitoring overall management security issues.
Our highly trained staff can analytically determine where weaknesses exist - whether in security systems, operating procedure or with personnel - and bring them to light before they can be exploited. As part of our risk analysis, integrity checks and reviews, we will make recommendations and suggestions to bridge gaps that may exist, secure the interests of our client and keep staff and employees safe.
These type of tests are conducted dicreetly and provide the owner/manager with an accurate, unbiased report of what is occuring in your establishment when they are not always able to be observing.  Out cashier testing and bartender testing programs deliver reports on exactly how the transaction was handled, (video and/or voice recorded when required) and at the clients discretion, can be followed up with a staff meeting, presented by a senior investigator, at a time of day that does not conflict with regular operations.  
We customize reports for our clients to meet individual needs. 
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In a perfect world...

  • Every drink would be the size specified by management and served accordingly
  • Every multi-liquor beverage would be prepared according to accepted, standardized recipes; with no more liquor than has been priced for
  • All cash received would be rung in properly into the register and recorded as a sale at point of sale
  • There would be NO CASH SKIMMING learn more...
  • There would be no unauthorized free drinks or promotions
  • There would be no drinking on the job

In today's reality...

Shrinkage is capable of costing companies in excess of 20% to 30% of the bottom line. The average shrinkage in North America is 25% for liquor and draft beer, about 10% on wine and 2% on bottle beer. Can you afford to lose?

Preventing Shrinkage

To the average consumer, the term "shrinkage" may sound harmless, but for seasoned beverage managers and bar owners, this word alone is enough to make us cringe. It is an all-encompassing term that refers to lost product due to waste, spillage and theft. Shrinkage from theft can mean the difference between financial success and failure, yet is easily accomplished behind the bar, hard to detect and extremely difficult to prevent on an ongoing basis.
Bartenders are often working without supervision and have the 'autonomy' to deal with your liquid inventory as they please, and are handling large sums of cash YOUR cash! Theft can be inclusive of actually stealing money, giving out free drinks (which directly impacts your inventory levels and counts at the end of the night) or over-pouring drinks for customers, just to name a few!
Effectively REDUCING THE OPPORTUNITY for internal theft behind the bar is no easy task, and eliminating it altogether is unrealistic. Regardless of how difficult it may seem, you must formulate and implement an operational strategy for containing the problem and regaining control. 


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