Insurance Investigations

Sting conducts background investigations, interviews suspects or witnesses, use deception detection techniques (Elite LVA), utilizes hidden video surveillance or other methods to undermine or confirm the suspect credibility. The goal is to catch a subject doing something which they already said they cannot do; i.e. in a statement to ICBC, in notes from their family physician or other treating medical professionals, or at an examination for discovery (a step in the legal proceedings before trial where ICBC's personal injury lawyers are permitted to ask questions of crash victims while they are under oath).
For example, a crash victim may say at an examination for discovery, or to his or her family physician, that before the car crash he or she could run 3 miles a day. Now, because of the injuries in the crash they cannot run at all. If ICBC has a videotape of the crash victim running three miles when he or she said they could not, then obviously ICBC has evidence that undermines the crash victim's credibility.
Similarly, ICBC may hire a private investigator to follow and observe the crash victim (with or without video recording) and interview potential witnesses such as neighbors, work colleagues, and sports team colleagues in an effort to get statements from those witnesses that say the crash victim is more active than what the crash victim has been saying to his or her medical practitioners or in statements to ICBC .
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